February 1942: Army opens fire on a huge UFO over Los Angeles.

There have been links between humans and extraterrestrials for thousands of years, and sightings of UFOs date back to the bible.  The book of Ezekiel has one of the most highly detailed UFO/alien sightings on record, and there are plenty of advanced scientific references throughout the book.  The very birth of Jesus shows us that aliens used Mary as a cross-breeding experiment using artificial insemination.  No sex was involved, yet after the "angels" visited her, she was pregnant.


Later on in life, Jesus himself continues to use technology from an advanced race.  Remember that story about him walking on water to reach his disciples?  What if he wasn't walking on water but was instead on the deck of a submarine just inches above the water?  To primitive humans it would have appeared he was walking on water.  There are various incidents of Jesus depicted as "talking to his father" in the bible.  Perhaps he was---via a Bluetooth-type unit.  His reputed long hair would have kept the unit hidden from nearby people, and only Jesus' half of the conversation would have been heard by onlookers, 

This photo (above) is from a film said to be based on the dissection of an alien body recovered the night of the Roswell incident.  The original footage has been confiscated by the government, so this recreation was filmed in order to tell the story.  The medical personnel at the scene in 1947 were warned not to talk about the proceedings to anyone by the Feds. 

Photo (right) shows a UFO caught on film in Cave Junction, Oregon in 1927, and is the earliest known photographic evidence of an extraterrestrial aircraft.  To this day, experts can find no evidence that this is an "altered" picture and it is legit. 

February 1942: Floodlights target a huge UFO over Los Angeles as anti-aircraft batteries fire at it.  In spite of firing hundreds of rounds at it, it eventually goes away unscathed in what has become known as The Battle of Los Angeles, the very first violent encounter between humans and a ship from another world. 

During World War II, both sides were helped by alien races.  Hitler had better scientists and a slightly more advanced species working with him, resulting in the development of jet fighters, the atomic bomb (which we acquired after the fall of Germany and tested on Japan), and various aircraft based on alien technology---the first flying saucers (see below). 

One of the most famous UFO cases involved the crash in Roswell, NM in 1947.  During Mohawk radio's investigation on this event, we learned that there were two ships that night having a "dogfight" over Roswell.  Both ships were damaged, with one crashing just outside the town and the other falling to Earth some miles to the northwest.  The Roswell ship had survivors, who helped us reverse-engineer their technology, resulting in such "discoveries" as transistors, which eventually evolved into such things as our modern cell phones. 

Vancouver, Canada, 1937 (left).  A UFO streaks across the early evening sky in a very clear photograph that has also been highly scrutinized by video experts over the years who have been unable to prove this a fake. 

We will be adding more info on this page over time, so keep checking in for new photos.  Chief Jack Radio continues the investigation into the UFO phenomenon and its related stories. 


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