Is all really fair in love and war, especially war?  The rumors, which are true, that the 9/11 "attacks" were an inside job, has led to a huge cover up by America.  Because Osama bin Laden agreed to be the scapegoat for 9/11, he was never in any danger from us since we knew where he was all the time.


Most of us are aware that the remains of the World Trade Center were shipped to foreign countries as "scrap metal", but we were of course never told why.  The actual reason was to prevent a metallurgical analysis that would have revealed what scientists have been telling us all along---that the jet fuel could not have caused a hot enough fire to melt the buildings' skeletons and cause the collapse of the WTC, especially when you consider that up to 90 percent of the planes' fuel was burned OUTSIDE the towers on impact, creating the huge fireballs we all saw.


The live 9/11 footage on NBC clearly showed the controlled explosions which pancaked the WTC, so that footage was confiscated by the Feds and a law was secretly passed that any 9/11 video used on American television had to be cleared by the government before being shown on the air.  So much for free speech.


As part of the deal with President Bush's administration, bin Laden agreed not to launch any attacks against the U.S., but he was still free to hit other nations, such as England and Spain, which he did, and as long as he honored the agreement we promised not to go after him, which we could have done at any time because we knew where he was almost constantly.  You'll recall that during the Russian attempt to conquer Afghanistan, bin Laden was an ally of the U.S. who was armed and trained by us.


The deal breaker, however, was one Barack Obama, who decided that he didn't like the way America was slowly turning against him.  As he watched his rating plunge to new lows because of his lack of leadership and his inability to lower gas prices, he became desperate.  He was finally forced to deal with one major crisis when he produced a "birth certificate" that was so phony-looking it failed to silence his critics.  He realized that he would need a major coup to bolster his popularity so he broke a national secret and ordered the raid on bin Laden's compound.  The SEALs were told to shoot the Al Qaeda leader on sight because if he was captured alive there was a chance he could reveal the secret agreement with our government dating to the Bush years.


This is the reason Bush refused to accept Obama's offer to join him at Ground Zero in New York City shortly after the raid on bin Laden's compound.  Obama went "rogue" and broke a government agreement, and in so doing betrayed both George Bush and Osama bin Laden in order to build himself up as a "capable" leader.  The gullible American public, not knowing the specifics of the event, have rallied behind the back-stabbing Obama and his approval rating on Tuesday (May 2011) was 60 percent. 


How do you feel about that?



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