John Moore is an avid gamer, and he plays several XBox Live games, but he ran into a snag when he wanted to enter an online tournament.  In his info, he listed his home town as Fort Gay, West Virginia.  The rules enforcer for XBox live thought he was making a joke or a racial slur, so they asked him to put down his town's real name.  When Moore refused to change it, his account was suspended pending review, even though he implored XBox to look it up and even provided its zip code. "Google it and see" he pleaded, maybe not the best thing to say to a Microsoft employee when they are trying to take over the top spot in search engine use from Google.  Turns out that Fort Gay is a legit place, and has been located in Wayne County, on West Virginia's western border with Kentucky since 1789.  Microsoft and XBox Live both apologized and the suspension was lifted, but it caused Moore to miss a major online tournament, which his team lost because they were a man short.  Said John, "I'm not even gay, and I felt like they were discriminating and hate gay people".