Remember last January when we told you Wyclef Jean had a secret agenda where Haiti was concerned and there were a lot of suspicions about his relations with Haitian officials following the devastating earthquake?  It appears he's about to give substance to our story as he's expected to announce on July 5 that he's running for the presidency in Haiti.  This has been pretty much corroborated by former deputy Pierre Eric Jean-Jacques, who has himself had his hand in the cookie jar when it comes to diverting funds from the people to his own pocket.  Jean-Jacques refused to actually say that Wyclef is signing on to be in the race, saying that Wyclef himself would make the announcement, if any.  According to Haitian laws, however, his lack of residency in Haiti, even though he was born there, should disqualify him from the race, but we're pretty sure his fame will cause Haitian oficials to look the other way.  Wyclef recently held a press conference where he showed his U.S. green card and his Haitian passport, further fueling the story.