The alternate episode that would have brought massive controversy to the season finale of AMC's breakout hit "The Walking Dead", as reported on the Mohawk Radio Show last week, was not used last night.  The network opted for the originally filmed episode, and this may possibly reflect on the fact that the show's head writer fired the entire scripting staff last week (because they didn't want to do this storyline?).  The alternate show would have revealed the fact that we currently have a platoon of genetically enginered soldiers in Afghanistan.  These soldiers, it was revealed by Mohawk Radio earlier this year, look amazingly similar to each other and only take orders from a few officers.  They have never been known to eat or sleep, and are said to be expressionless.  The script would have said they are "controlled zombies" who went haywire and attacked American troops.  The wounded soldiers, it continues, were either sent home or to other U.S. bases around the world, a move that allowed them to spread the disease.  In last night's actual show, we saw the CDC doctor whisper something in the cop's ear before he left the underground lab.  Current buzz says that the doctor whispered that the CDC and military are responsible for the zombie plague, which would permit the Afghanistan plot line to be used next season at some point.