Anything bad that happens to Wal-Mart is good news, and this one had me rolling on the floor.  Earlier this year, the retailing giant passed a series of large price cuts, known in Wal-Martese as "rollbacks".  Wally M hoped that this would generate a higher customer count in stores, and it did, but not with the expected results.  Savvy shoppers walked in, bought the "rollback" items, then went on to their regular stores for the rest of their grocery shopping, leaving Wal-Mart bleeding heavily.  Wally M put a tourniquet on its wounds, with the result being a price increase of up to 10% on most of its items, but same-store sales are down about 3% from last year as its business is being siphoned off by Target and K Mart.  Furthermore, Wal-Mart has been forced to return many of the products it eliminated from its shelves in order to lure back the crowds.  Remember my long-standing warning: Wal-Mart wants to eliminate all competitors and become the only source for the products we want and need so they can charge whatever they want once they have no competition.  Don't shop at Wal-Mart!