Everyone knows, or at least has heard, that Wal-Mart is the greatest enemy of retailing across the globe.  They try to throttle the competition, are now planning their own cell phone service, and have even tried to open their own banks so they can control your money from the time you're paid to when they've got it all.  Their latest ploy is now under way as the giant company is aggressively buying up small urban properties, about 20,000 square feet each, in urban areas for the creation of "baby Wal-Marts", larger than the average drug store but smaller than the typical supermarket.  These stores are set to kill off more of our local stores as they will concentrate on food, pharmaceuticals, stationery, and pet supplies.  The overall plan for Wal-Mart is to use its lowball pricing to drive everyone out of business, and when they become the only source for everything they will ratchet up prices since if you don't pay their price, you won't be able to get anything.