In what will prove to be extremely beneficial for education, British Education Secretary Michael Gove said he is going to abolish the "no touch" rules that prevent teachers from restraining and comforting children.  Gove told reporters that while "I don't believe you should be able to hit children, I do believe that teachers need to know they can physically restrain children, they can interpose themselves between two children that may be causing trouble and they can remove them from the classroom".  He also promised to give teachers a new right to search for anything that is banned by school rules, and that the justice system will back them.  In my younger days, I spent time in the school system of another country when the use of corporal punishment was allowed, and when that form of punishment was was removed, education scores and grades went plummeting as students took on an "I don't care, they can't do anything to me" attitude.  Corporal punishment needs to be instated so kids can see how breaking the rules has consequences.