Northeastern U.S. television provider Cablevision has put its foot down as far as Fox's greed is concerned.  The company was forking over a sum of $70 million a year to carry Fox programming, and when the News Corporation said they now wanted to raise the fee to over $150 million, Cablevision said no, and has allowed Fox TV, National Geographic, and Fox Business and Sports to go dark.  As you know, Dish Network is also refusing to play Fox's mind games and has already dropped Fox Sports, FX, and NatGeo.  Most of Fox's revenue comes from the Fox Network, which is a free, over-the-air programming service.  If you have no cable or satellite, you can still see it free if you have an antenna, so why should the TV providers have to pay for re-broadcasting their signal?  Indeed, this a great service to the free networks such as Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC that cable and satellite provide.  Since an overwhelming majority of people in this country use cable or satellite TV, these networks would die without them.  Personally, I applaud Dish Network and Cablevision for their stance in not wanting to be ripped off by Fox, especially since there is next to nothing worth watching on network TV anyway.