Stephen J. Cannell, the man responsible for such TV shows as "The A-Team" and The Rockford Files", died last night in his Pasadena. California home from complications with melenoma at age 69.  During the decades that hia shows aired, he was consistently associated with gunfire, squealing-tire chases, and tough guys beating each other up.  In an era when people behind the scenes were rarely seen, Cannell became a popular face, thanks to his ID at the end of each show, where he would be at his Selectric typewriter, pulling out a sheet of paper that would flutter off and morph into his company's logo.  It's a little-known fact that he also was responsible for big screen films, and his series "Wiseguy", about the inner workings of the mob as seen through the eyes of its primary character, a law enforcement mole, preceded "The Sopranos" by over a decade.  He also was a producer of the theatrical update of "The A-Team" earlier this year.