About 2 A.M. local time, two trains slammed together July 19 at a station in Sainthia as one was pulling out and another sped in.  The impact was so horrific that part of one train wound up on an overpass above the tracks.  As of press time, at least 61 people are known dead and 125 injured.  Shortly after the crash, local residents rushed over to begin pulling out survivors with their bare hands.  Government rescuers arrived about three hours later, according to residents, although the government of West Bengal state claim they were there within an hour.  This is the second major train wreck in as many months in this area.  On May 28, a passenger train derailed nearby and was then struck by a cargo train, resulting in 145 deaths.  That disaster was blamed on sabotage by Maoist rebels, but no cause has been stated for today's crash.  Train travel is a major source of transportation in India, but the rail system has no modern signalling or communication capabilities, so crashes are common, although not usually this deadly.