A new joke is making the rounds as people are getting fed up with the aggressive pat-downs during airport security checks.  It says "What does TSA stand for?  The Sexual Assailants", and is being spread by people who have stated that they'd probably be better treated by a sexual deviant on the street and that TSA agents should offer them a cigarette after the searches, which include groin groping and breast feeling.  Things haven't been helped by news stories and videos of disabled people being forced to stand up out of their wheelchairs and children being roughly handled.  Several days ago, a boy had to take off his pants.  In San Diego last week, a passenger recorded the pat-down procedure with his iPhone.  During that video, he told a TSA agent "Don't touch my junk", and the phrase has gone viral on the Internet.  On Tuesday, a search of the saying on Google got 4.2 million hits.  A plethora of buttons, stickers, and T-shirts has been sold featuring the phrase, and is helping to spread negative reactions towards TSA agents, who have reported being pushed, shoved, head-butted, punched, kicked, and spat on over the last couple of weeks.  A group called National Opt-Out Day is planning to go to airports across the country and having people opt out of the invasive full body scans and force TSA agents to perform so many pat-downs that air traffic will be slowed down tremendously today on what is normally the busiest day of the year at airports.