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Chief Takes Apart NBC's The Event

Posted by ChiefJack Hawk on Tuesday, September 21, 2010, In : Television 
After watching only the pilot episode of NBC's "The Event", I pretty much think I have the whole thing figured out.  It seems that the United States is "detaining" a group of humanoids with tremendous mental powers.  These people have ventured here from a parallel existence to try to stop an upcoming disaster (the Event of the title) but have instead been rounded up by the military and are being pressured about explaining their origin, powers, and the exact nature of The Event.  There seem to...
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Edwin Newman Update

Posted by ChiefJack Hawk on Wednesday, September 15, 2010, In : Celebrities 
Updating our breaking story on Edwin Newman's death: NBC announced that Mr. Newman died of pneumonia in Oxford, England on August 13.  Newman and his wife had moved to Oxford in 2007 in order to be closer to their daughter.  NBC further added that the family delayed the report of his passing in order to give them time to grieve privately.
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Edwin Newman Dies

Posted by ChiefJack Hawk on Wednesday, September 15, 2010, In : Television 
It was announced at 8:30 AM on Sept. 15, and we were first to report on it, that Edwin Newman, long  a mainstay of NBC's news and documentary programming, has died.  NBC has yet to announce where and when he died and what the cause of death was.  Natural causes should be a suspect since Mr. Newman was 91.  He was in the Navy during World War II, then began a career in jounalism.  After a stint with CBS in New York, Newman switched to NBC in 1952 in London and remained with the Peacock Network...
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About Chief Jack

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