As of this week, Deutsch Telecom division T-Mobile has begun new ads in the United States, billing itself as "the nation's largest 4G network", which is both the truth and deceptive.  The claim is valid because in the real world, 4G is commonly recognized as network speed as it refers to Internet connection.  T-Mobile uses an enhanced 3G system that is every bit as fast as the so-called 4G systems used by Sprint and Verizon, but are any of these really 4G?  In press releases, Sprint and Verizon have denied their competitor's claimm but they have to seriously consider whether they will pursue legal options or not because of the standards set by the International Telecommunications Union, which sets worldwide regulations for the wireless industry.  The Union says that Sprint and Verizon's 4G claims are also incorrect because they don't meet the speed standard to be classified as 4G, so if they push the issue, they may also be forced to drop "4G" from their advertising. The Chief and Marsha use T-Mobile as their wireless provider, have for years, and I must admit that as far as connecting to the Internet goes, T-Mobile is as fast, if not faster, than my laptop computer.