Discount store chain 99 Cents Only announced a price hike in September of 2008 to 99.99 cents per item, and now a class action suit has been filed against them.  The suit claims that the price hike means that people are unaware that they are paying one dollar per item instead of 99 cents.  This is patently untrue because the chain spent a fortune in advertising the new price, and even today, their ads and in-store signage clearly states the price of 99.99 cents.  It makes me wonder why these same crusaders aren't on the gas companies' case for their pricing.  Where does Big Oil get off on charging their price per gallon as so many dollars and nine tenths of a cent?  Did you ever try to make change for .9 of a cent?  Price calculators are unable to factor in a percentage of a cent, which means if a station charges you $3.059 for a gallon of gas, you are paying $3.06 for it.  Let's end this idiocy and round off the price of gas to an even amount without that moronic mine tenths of a cent.