Nikki Sixx, Alicia Keys, Ryan Seacrest, and other Hollywood and music celebrities all have way too much money for their own good, but they have yet one more thing in common.  They are all so much out of touch with regular people that they have signed on for a "digital death" campaign.  While the campaign is for a good cause, it strikes a sour note with many people.  The stars have all agreed to stay off social networking sites until $1 million is raised for the AIDS charity Keep A Child Alive.  At least in Ryan's case, this is good news.  Anything that keeps America's most over-employed pipsqueak gnome out of any public media is OK by me--and a lot of other people who also think it's time for Seacrest to stay home and let someone else have a job.  The extremely self-centered and greedy elf already has about 20 jobs, and since no one else seems to have told him, I will.  This nation is in a recession, and people need jobs.  If you hold all the jobs, how the hell else are we going to earn our living?  Here is a solution to the charity's money problems.  You want to raise money?  Get each of those celebrities, who can easily afford it, to give you half a million dollars, and your problem will be solved.  Additionally, people should boycott all of the celebrities taking part in this "digital death" scam for one year to show them our disgust in their quest to wrest us from our money we really can't afford to give while each of them has way more than enough to meet the charity's goal.  In Seacrest's case, for example, that would mean tuning out his radio shows, not buying any products he endorses, and not watching "New Year's Rockin' Eve" on ABC.  These idiots may have the money, but in the scheme of things, we hold the ultimate power if we choose to exert it.