Space tourism may be just around he corner, according to Boeing executives, but their just announced partnership with Space Adventures Ltd. is unlikely to bring prices down.  It currently costs about $35 million to go in space via the seats Space Adventures is selling aboard Russian built Soyuz craft, and Boeing doesn't have any ships built yet.  The proposed craft, called CST-100, won't even be ready until 2015.  Once they are availale, the CST-100 will have one advantage.  The time spent on training will be cut down because travellers won't have to learn Russian, as they do to ride on the Soyuz ships.  Unlike the ship shown below, the CST-100 will be shaped like the old Apollo capsules and will require about six months between flights to replace its heat shield.  The chairman of Space Adventures explained that because of the cost of current rocket launch technology, trips into space will most likely still coast about $40 million.  How much you got on you?