Two scientists tell us that the future of space exploration and colonization lies in one-way trips.  Dirk Schulze-Makuch and Paul Davies explain in the latest copy of the Journal of Cosmology that such trips will be the best plan for the colonization of Mars and would be no different from the early settlers to the New World who left Europe for North America with little hope of ever seeing home again.  Mars, they claim, should be easy to colonize because it has surface gravity, an atmosphere, water, carbon dioxide, and essential minerals. Their suggestion is to start with two-person teams before sending larger groups to the Red Planet.  This is apparently a smoke screen to get us ready for he official revelation that we have actually been on Mars for quite a while noe and are exploring the planet for mineral wealth and fossil fuel.  It's the Feds' official view that we "aren't ready" to know the truth yet.