It's been a tough time for "American Idol" judges over the summer, making it hard to tell rumors from facts.  The rumors have been numerous about who the new judges will be, and some big names have been popping up, such as Jennifer Lopez (pictured), Bret Michaels, Harry Connick Jr., Donald Trump, Chris Isaak, and the latest one, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler.  What are facts, though, is that Simon left to host an American version of "The X Factor" on Fox; Ellen DeGeneres quit the show to concentrate on other projects after stating that she felt awkward as a judge; and Kara DioGuardi's contract has not been renewed and she most likely will not return.  Also, Chief Jack has officially petitione Fox to be a judge on "Idol" and/or "X Factor", and officially posted it on his Facebook page.  If you'd like to help out, please contact "American Idol" directly by E=mailing them HERE and asking for Chief Jack's addition as a judge, where I can use my 41-plus years in this business as a good base for the job.