If you watch America's Got Talent, there's no denying the impact of Piers Morgan, who plays the requisite British judge on the show.  You may be seeing a lot more of him soon, as he is going through "almost done" negotiations to take the place of Larry King at 9 PM nightly on CNN.  The cable network says that he would still be able to do his NBC judging duties, and in fact are even willing to give that priority over the CNN program.  Speculation about the deal, as reported on the Mohawk Radio Show of July 14, is that he stands to make as much as $6 million a year for three years.  Larry King revealed last week that he would rather see Ryan Seacrest get his show than anyone else.  Message for Larry: Ryan is the most over-employed gnome in our business, and he needs to stay home and let someone else have a job.