A study just completed by The Neilsen Co. showed a surprising trend.  It seems that nearly fifty percent of people have a negative view of 3D television, and that view was worse in people who actually attended test showings of the medium.  Test subjects who took part in a 30 minute 3D TV test cited a number of concerns.  In a world where no one concentrates on what they're watching on TV because they're too busy talking on their smartphones while updating their Facebook status at the same time, nine out of ten test subjects cited the special glasses needed to watch as a hindrance because they couldn't multitask with them on.  Most of these same people said they would consider buying a 3D set only once they can be made in such a way that doesn't require glasses.  Video gamers, however, welcomed the technology, with seven out of ten saying they would love 3D video games.  Of course, gamers usually give the screen complete attention and don't want any distractions, so the glasses, which isolate them from the real world, would be heaven to them.