Award-winning actress Patricia Neal passed away after battling lung cancer on August 8.  She died at her home in Edgartown, Massachussetts, surrounded by her family, at age 84.  She was born in Kentucky but grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee.  She made her first major motion picture appearance in 1949's "Fountainhead" and co-starred in the 1951 science fiction masterpiece "The Day The Earth Stood Still".  She won the Academy Award as best actress playing opposite Paul Newman in "Hud" in 1963.  Less than two years later, at age 39, she suffered several strokes that left her unable to speak and geatly limited her movement.  She bravely fought this and was able to recover, and today the Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center in Knoxville is a reminder that Miss Neal never forgot the people she grew up with.