He's at it again! Obnoxious Ryan Seacrest, America's most over-employed troll, is looking to take on ever more jobs for himself by starting his own TV network.  The annoying munchkin is in preliminary talks with talent company CAA, whose requirements for talent are obviously low, and entertainment company AEG. which apparently has no idea what talent is, to finalize plans for the new cable TV network.  Mohawk Radio sources say that the channel would be based on music, pop culture, and lifestyle, and while that sounds suspiciously like the E! channel, which heavily relies on Seacrest-provided material, the new network would not affect the entertainment leprechaun's relationship with E!.  Apparently, Ryan's need to hold every entertainment job in America still has room to grow since there are actually a couple of hours each day when he has nothing to do and he doesn't need sleep anyway.