The lady who became the original voice of Disney Studios' Cinderella in 1950 passed away on July 1 at a nursing home in Canoga Park, California, her husband announced on July 3.  Ed Shaughnessy revealed that his wife, Ilene Woods, expired from complications of Alzheimer's disease at age 81.  Woods was a young radio singer in 1948 when she cut a demo for an upcoming Disney production.  Two days later she was called in personally by Walt Disney to audition for him, and he signed her on the spot to be the speaking and singing voice of Cinderella.

It was unusual in those days for a person to have both spoken and singing parts in Disney films as Walt wanted distinct and memorable speaking voices and outstanding singing talent, so two people would usually share a part.  For example, the man who spoke the prince's part in the film took a back seat to Mike Douglas, who sang the prince's songs.

Woods retired from show business in the early 1970s after a long career and appearances on many TV variety shows.