When the Corning Corporation came up with "Gorilla Glass" in 1962, there just wasn't a market for it.  In fact, the company's first customer for the specialty glass didn't show up until 2008, when it was used as a protective cover for cell phone and other mobile devices' screens.  Although Corning won't publicly reveal the buyer, Mohawk Radio sources tell us it was Apple, which used it for their iPods, iPhones, and iPads.  Gorilla Glass is expected to become a major hit for Corning when television manufacturers start using it in 2011 for their new frameless, wall mounted TV's.  Reportedly, Vizio and Samsung are very interested in this product, which is at least three times stronger than today's chemically strengthened soda-lime glass, and could result in TV screens no thicker than a dime, and weighing only a fraction of current screens.