Remember how the people in Star Wars movies communicated with each other via 3D messaging?  We were amazed when we saw Princess Leia plead with Obi-Wan to "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi.  You're our only hope" in 1977.  Arizona scientist Nasser Peyghambarian is saying this is closer than you think.  In fact, he believes his team can make such a feat possible within ten years.  The prospect of 3D viewing without those bulky and clumsy glasses would not only be good for entertainment, it would have other uses as well.  Doctors would be able to project a patient's image to other doctors in order to get help in diagnosis and surgery.  Shopping malls could announce sales with live 3D feeds.  Military training could be enhanced with live 3D imaging.  Peyghambarian says that currently the best they can do is a postcard sized transmission, but he is looking for a way to expand the images to life size.