The Obama administration wants to hear from you---without you knowing it---in new ways.  It's drafting a bill right now, to be introduced early next year, which will enable the Feds to tap into your E-mail over the Internet and when you use wireless phones.  For a number of years, our government has been spying on us as we make phone calls over landlines with a device called Carnivore, but it's unable to break the encryption codes used by the Internet, so they want Internet providers and cell phone companies to give them access to these codes so they can expand their spying on us.  The official line of BS is that terrorists are increasingly going away from landlines and the Feds have to be able to follow them by accessing the encryption codes for the Web and such phones as the Blackberry.  The truth is that our government has a hard-on for spying on us and wants to be able to keep on doing it as we drop the use of corded phones.  Communications experts have rightly expressed concerns that if this bill passes, hackers will be able to exploit the technology and access all of our Internet and cell phone info.