That 7.1 quake that struck New Zealand over the weekend continues to bring more problems to theis island nation that's been struggling to break out of an 18 month recession.  Officials have revealed that as many as 100,000 buildings out of 160,000 have suffered some sort of structural damage, and as many as 80 aftershocks, some as big as 5.4, have continued to rock the area.  Many roads and railroad lines have been broken and twisted out of shape, and over parts of the affected area, the temblor's pressure has forced sand and water up to the surface, liquifying the ground and pulling homes off their foundations.  The army has been called in to assist police in Christchurch with security.  The fact that no one died in the quake has been called miraculous and attributed to the early hour of its striking, 4:36 AM.  Had it hit later in the day, up to 150,000 more people would have been in the city for work, and there would surely have been casualties.