Romania is known for its vampire and werewolf legends, and your typical velociraptor is well-known thanks to "Jurassic Park", so how do this European country and the sci-fi movie tie in together?  A paleontological expedition has unearthed a new type of velociraptor in Romania.  Known as Balaur bondoc, or "stocky dragon", this new dinosaur has a number of previously unseen features.  As opposed to other raptors, this one had short, stout, and powerful legs, showing it wasn't built for chasing prey.  The fossilized bones show the marks of large muscles in the legs and pelvic area, pointing to the legs' use for holding down and ripping apart prey instead of running it down.  Those powerful legs also had another new feature: two large sickle-shaped claws used to tear prey apart, whereas all other known raptors only had one such claw.  The animal's hands were relatively useless in the holding of prey since its hand and finger bones were fused together and atrophied.  Balaur lived about 65 to 72 million years ago.