Every year, TV shows come and go, but it's still pretty rare that a show gets axed after only one showing.  This is probably the case for Fox TV's new show "Lone Star".  Fox had big hopes for the drama about a man who juggles two lives and women in Texas because of his nebulous activities.  To give it more chances of survival, it was shoehorned into the schedule after established show "House".  At the end of House, Fox had 11.5 million people tuned in, but they evaporated at 9 PM.  By 9:15, only 5.1 million were still watching, and by 9:45, that number had withered to a weak 3.3 million.  To be fair, "Lone Star" was up against "Dancing With the Stars" and Monday Night Football, but so was NBC's "The Event", and that show drew great numbers.  We predict "Lone Star" has had it.