It seems like Moammar Gadhafi and Japan have been in the news and nothing else is happening elsewhere, right?  Tell you what---let's talk dinosaurs, specifically a brand new one that just came out of some fossil beds.  Paleontologists in Paris have reported via Agence France Presse and the scientific journal Cretaceous Research on April 1 that researchers in China have found a new species of meat eating dino.  Named Zhuchengtyrannus Magnus, or "tyrant of Zhucheng" after the area where it was found, it was about 36 feet long from nose to tail and stood about 13 feet tall on its hind legs.  Like most tyrannosaurs, it probably had massive legs.  For now, only an almost complete skull and a few other bones have been found, but scientists can correctly estimate its size by the teeth and skull because of the huge amount of T-Rex bones previously unearthed.  That skull, by the way, had some features not found on previous T-Rex-like predators, such as deep cheekbones and a heavy outstanding browbone.  The fossil beds where it was found is one of the most bone-saturated spots on Earth, leading paleontologists to theorize that it was probably a fertile flood plain between 100 and 65 million years ago, with giant meat eaters chasing down a rich variety of herbivores for a snack.