As we predicted and told you last week, Fox TV's "Lone Star" was indeed the first show to be cancelled this season, but don't feel bad for the show, because it has company, and may soon get more in the television graveyard.  ABC announced earlier today that it gave the ax to "My Generation", a show with a cast almost as numerous as its small audience.  This program had a terrible initial outing, and when its audience shrank by 31 percent in its second week, including a dismal 1.1 rating in the much coveted 18 to 49 adult demographic, it was retired.  In a similar situation, ABC said it will give "The Whole Truth", its legal drama, a third chance next Wednesday.  Three strikes and you're out, looks like.  NBC is also having troubles as its highly promoted Friday night show "Outlaw", touting the return of Jimmy Smits to the Peacock Network, is also on shaky ground.  CBS has yet to announced that any of its shows are in trouble, even the much-maligned "@#&@ My Dad Says".