Movie studios are curently spending about 70 percent of their advertising budget on television, and right now that may seem to be a bad idea.  A recent study by cable giant Comcast shows that 62 percent of respondents no longer watch television on the networks' schedule and use DVRs to record shows and watch them at a later date, or use online services like Hulu if they don't have a DVR.  For movie studios, this situation can prove disastrous since the average time between recording shows and watching them is around three days.  If so many people see a movie ad three days after the film opens, it means a lot of empty seats.  Let's be honest here and say that this has not been a problem so far, but it has caused studios to shift some of their advertising to the Internet and doing things like starting Facebook pages for individual films.  A part of the study showed that people aged 18-24 spend more time on Facebook than they do watching TV, and studios want in on that action.