At last night's MTV Video Music Awards, Lady Gaga won eight Moonman awards, including Video of the Year, but she failed to set a new record.  In fact, all she did was tie a record set twenty four years ago by the Norwegian group A-ha when they got eight awards in 1986 for "Take On Me", a quirky mix of live action and animation which was cutting edge at the time.  The next year, 1987, Peter Gabriel set the new, still unmatched record of nine MTV VMAs for his live and stop-motion turn with "Sledgehammer".  No doubt, this will help Gaga's career and will restash her bank account, which was heavily depleted recently when her ex-boyfriend and manager won his suit against her for a huge sum of money which included an enormous amount for keeping quiet about the details.  The apparently now-forgotten Taylor Swift was only nominated for one award and went home empty-handed.  Gaga went through three costume changes, each weirder than the previous one.