Japanese scientists announced this morning that they are finally launching that project we were first to tell you about last year.  If everything works out fine, they say that we'll see mammoths, those long-extinct prehistoric elephants, walking the Earth in about five years.  The plan involves getting tissue from the preserved carcass of a mammoth in a Russian laboratory.  The Japanese researchers have mastered the process, so they say, of recovering DNA from the tissue of long-dead and frozen animals to clone them.  They expect to remove the nuclei from elephant eggs and substitute cellular tissue from the dead mammoth, implant the cloned eggs into a female elephant, and voila!  We'll have mammoths again.  The hopes are that we will be able to find out why they died out by studying the new mammoths.  Seems like an overworked method of answering a question, but I guess they are doing it "because they can".  Let's hope that it doesn't turn out like Jurassic Park.  Speaking of which, it was reported last year that scientists have recovered "soft tissue" from a T-Rex. so will we one day actually have a real Jurassic Park?