More problems have surfaced for the expected Messiah of cell phones, the iPhone4, which in the two weeks since its release has had more defects than Toyota.  Who can forget the biggest hitch in that product, the fact that when the phone is held in a certain manner, you cut yourself off from your call?  Detractors, which are legion, had a field day with that and jokingly called it "The Death Grip".  Apple countered by saying that any phone with a built-in antenna will do that.  Funny, but my four-year old Nokia has a built-in antenna, and that has never been a problem.  Last week, Apple revealed that a "software glitch" created false readings on signal strength on every iPhone4 that was produced.  Today, AT&T and Apple released a joint statement that in some parts of the country, download and upload speeds are greatly limited, in some cases being about as fast as a dial-up computer connection.  AT&T gets software from several providers, and areas which use software from Alcatel-Lucent are the ones affected.  Alcatel-Lucent says they will be updating their software as fast as possible, but in the meantime tou may have the world's most expensive and slowest "smart" phone.