India continues to be the leader in low price technology.  The country known for $2000 open heart surgery and the $2100 Nano car is adding a new feather in its cap.  In 2005, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology revealed a prototype computer that it said could be sold for $100 and would be a boon to developing countries.  India, whose low wages have caused companies in the United States to migrate there, said that this price was too high, especially when the proposed MIT unit turned out to be impossible to make at such a price and would cost $200.  The Indian government okayed a project that culminated in a laptop prototype that will sell for about $99, but thanks to government subsidies, will be available to students for around $20.  Yes, that's twenty dollars, not a typo.  A Taiwanese company is said to be willing to build the computers for India, but no distribution plan has been set.