In a disgustingly ugly turn of events that sounds like a horror movie, the nation of Uganda is suffering from the symptoms of an epidemic that causes human body parts to rot away.  In only two months, at least twenty people have died from it and over 20,000 have the disease in lesser degrees.  The disease, tungiasis, is caused by jiggers, tiny insects that look like fleas and usually enter the body through bare feet.  Once they attach themselves to a human host, they suck their victim's blood and reproduce at an alarming rate and as they feed on the host, affected body parts rot away.  Ugandans are being told to wash with medicated soap or used a combination of gasoline and paraffin to kill the deadly insects.  Unfortunately, in this impoverished country, a majotity of people don't wear shoes and their homes have dirt floors.  A large number of tribal residents believe that enemies are sending the jiggers and refuse to accept treatment since medicine can't, in their opinion, fight magic.