The conflict between the Australian Taxation Board and Paul Hogan has taken a turn for the better.  Early this morning, both parties reached an agreement that will allow the "Crocodile Dundee" actor to return to America.  The tax office claims that Hogan used offshore banks to conceal earnings he made after his low budget film became an international hit in 1986, but he says he did nothing illegal.  The total amount owed remains a mystery, although some speculation exists on it, because both sides refuse to discuss it, although Hogan did say that it was so large he couldn't afford to pay even ten percent of it.  The Australian actor now lives in Los Angeles with his wife, "Dundee" co-star Linda Koslowski, and their 12 year old son Chance.  He gained popularity in the late 70s when his comedy show, similar in structure to Benny Hill's, was syndicated in America.