Someone reported two goats on a railroad bridge between Helena and Roundup, Montana about two days ago, but the location over a little-used road was so vague that sheriff's office agents couldn't find it.  Early this morning, someone else reported the same thing, but remained on location and helped humane society officials find the place.  The two young female goats were stuck on a six-inch ledge on the side of the bridge and remained on that ledge most of the time, only wandering on a large pillar to relieve themselves.  Humane society people called on a local mining company for help since they had a tall cherry picker.  The unit was used to pull the animals off the bridge to safety, and much to the relief of the humans involved, they didn't panic and seemed to welcome the rescuers.  The goats had collars on, and humane society people are lookig into the possibility that the goats were abandoned or ran away from their home.