A gas line ruptured in San Bruno, California, near San Francisco's international airport yesterday at 6:24 PM, causing a cataclysmic explosion that sent a huge fireball over 1,000 feet in the sky, triggering engulfing flames that consumed an entire neighborhood.  The explosion created a huge crater, reported as being over 50 feet wide and some twenty feet deep, and the ensuing inferno destroyed dozens of buildings, including at least 38 homes.  As of the morning of September 10, the flams were about 78 percent contained.  It's believed that numerous victims will be found once the area is safe enough to begin a widespread search for bodies, but at least six people are known to have died in the tragedy, and dozens were injured, many critically with burns and other injuries.  Unfortunately, there will probably be some people who will consider the date and tie this in to a terrorist attack, especially since as of press time no cause has been identified as the reason for this event.