It's really official now.  Moammar Gadhafi will not go quietly into that gentle night.  On Friday (March 4) his troops launched the first major assault against the rebels.  Early in the morning the elite Khamis Brigade, named sfter Moammar's son who commands it, descended on the western side of Zawiya, about 30 miles west of Tripoli, with mortar fire, heavy machine guns, tanks, and anti-aircraft weapons.  By sundown, a second brigade had broken through on the eastern side of the city.  The official death toll from this fighting stands at 40 dead and at least 150 wounded, but the figures may not be accurate because many bodies weren't recovered as ambulances were attacked by pro-Gadhafi soldiers.  Some of the wounded were shot dead by government troops and dragged away by them.  While some say it was done as a ploy to avoid an accurate body count, many fear that it was done as a way to identify bodies so Gadhafi's troops can determine who's a rebel and their families can be retaliated against.  Gadhafi has claimed victory in Zawiya, but the rebels say they are still in charge.  As of today, there is no Internet traffic in, to, and from Libya.