Fiat is back!  The company, which has taken control of Chrysler Corporation, is under the wing of Laura Soave, a young lady with big ideas.  Fiat unveiled its first model to be sold here since the Italian company abandoned the North American market in 1983 over problems with rust and other quality control issues.  They retreated back to Europe, where they hunkered down and eventually produced a car that was uncharacteristically good---the reinvented Fiat 500.  This peppy little model is incredibly similar to the original 500 first released in 1957.  It's a two door with hatch and clean, crisp lines that will be followed next year by a convertible model, then a four-door and an electric or hybrid version.  The 500 is powered by the 1.4 liter Multiair engine that controls gas usage with the air inteke system, and is expected to get over 40 miles per gallon.  Fiat has chosen 130 Chrysler dealerships to market the 500, but they first had to build separate sales and service areas in order to give customers that European boutique look before sales begin in December.  Projections are for 50,000 units to sell in 2011 at about $15,500, or roughly $5,000 less that its intended enemy, the Mini Cooper.