So, the Feds are finally doing something right in their own slow way.  The Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services earlier today revealed that they are ramping up the fight against smoking with a strategy implemented by Canada in its own country.  Each pack of cigarettes will carry  a new warning label, covering half the pack front and back.  The labels will feature photos of corpses or human body parts damaged by smoking-related diseases.  The one problem is that they are going about it in typical government lack of speed.  A panel will be asked to pick from 36 such labels next June, and from there, tobacco companies will have 15 months to get them on the packs.  That's almost two more years.  You'd think that with 443,000 deaths a year from tobacco use, we'd get this plan going faster, but don't forget the greedy lawyers who may drag this in court for years and further slow down this important program.