The latest drink fad is extremely dangerous, according to the Food and Drug Administration, because you can't feel its effects affecting your body.  We're talking about the slew of alcoholic, caffeinated energy drinks that are so popular on college campuses and with underage drinkers.  These drinks, sold under such names as Four Loko and Joose, give a double whammy to its consumers so potentionally bad that the FDA has sent warnings to the four major manufacturers, giving them 15 days to either outline a plan to remove them from the market or prepare a defense proving that they are safe.  Four states---Washington, Michigan, Utah, and Oklahoma---have already banned these drinks within their borders, and other states are also considering such a ban.  Over the last several months, a large number of people have been hospitalized for alcohol poisoning after drinking these so-called energy drinks.  One can of the average product contains 12% alcohol per volume---as much as four beers---and the consumers become "wide-awake drunks", meaning that they are legally drunk and don't know it because the caffeine masks the effects of alcohol in their brains.  They think they're still all right, so they continue drinking and become alcohol-poisoned, some of them driving or participating in competitive acts while under the influence.