Wael Ghonim, a marketing manager for Google, gave an interview today within hours of being released after being detained by police in Cairo for 12 days.  Ghonim says he was accosted on the way to a friend's house twelve days ago by four men who worked him to the ground, blindfolded his, then took him to a secret location where he was interrogated for the better part of two weeks.  He is the overseer for Google marketing in the Middle East and Africa and usually works  from an office in Dubai.  Being Egyptian, however, he wanted to be in on what was going down in his home country, so he returned to Cairo, and while there posted the Facebook page called "We are all Khaled Said", a page about the man (Said) who died last June while in Egyptian police custody for questioning.  When Ghonim was linked to the page, he was branded a traitor and arrested.  He is quick to add, however, that he was never tortured while a captive and his interrogators treated him well and "with respect".  The worst part was being blindfolded and knowing his family was unaware of his location.  He was released earlier today and escorted home by a high-ranking government official.  The page reignited tensions between citizens and pro-Mubarak supporters and is now being hailed as a heroic deed by those who want the Egyptian president out of office.