A new feature on Facebook is aggravating thousands of users, and right now there's no way to "opt out" of it. This new portion, called "See Friendship" allows total strangers to see all about you by merely being a friend of one of your friends.  Let's say someone wants to keep tabs with you without you knowing about it.   All he has to do is become a friend with someone on your list and he can access your information that you share with that friend.  Critics have correctly pointed out that this can result in cyber stalking.  Someone can see, for instance, which concerts you're planning to attend or which friends you're getting together with, and plan their stalking accordingly.  This is a serious intrusion on your private life, and if uncorrected might lead to lawsuits against Facebook. Over 3,800 people have joined a group asking Facebook to allow them to opt out of the feature.  Will leaving Facebook be their next step?  Consider how many people left MySpace over its transformation into a sexual meet-and-greet site, leading it in a desperate fight for its survival.