Eddie Fisher, the 50s pop singer who's more famous for marrying Elizabeth Taylor and being the father of actress Carrie Fisher, died at his California home on Wednesday.  His passing was reported by daughter Tricia Leigh Fisher late Wednesday.  He was 82, and he died of complications from hip surgery.  While his records sold in the millions, it's known that Fisher's manager helped the cause by spending tons of money to hire young girls to scream and swoon during his live performances, something that girls did genuinely and without pay for Frank Sinatra before and The Beatles after Fisher.  His career began going downhill when he ditched wife Debbie Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor in 1959, and really nosedived five years later when Taylor opted out of their marriage for a life with Richard Burton.  A poll by Chief Jack Radio personnel showed that 70% of those asked didn't know Fisher, and of those who did, the most common answer was "wasn't he some singer in the 50s?"