A retired Canadian couple did something very unusual with their lottery winnings.  Allen and Violet Large of Nova Scotia won $11.3 million last July but quickly grew unsatisfied with the direction this new wealth was taking them.  It became "a heaache" with associated fear that "crooked people would take advantage of them".  As soon as news of their new-found wealth became known, they started receiving calls from total strangers who wanted money.  The couple, who has been married for 35 years, re-evaluated their lives.  At the time they won, Violet was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and they told themselves that they didn't need all this stress and drama.  After taking care of finances for family members, they undertook a financial purge and gave away almost everything to the local fire department, churches, and the two hospital who treated Violet's cancer so that others could benefit from research and treatment.  The couple kept about two percent of the money as a rainy day fund, giving away over $11 million.  Allen explained it like this: "The money we won was nothing.  We have each other.