That's the word out of the Philippines, where the lower house of government just voted unanimously (196 to 0) to enact a bill that would prevent people from doing their own version of the national anthem, "Lupang Hinirang" (Beloved Land), and doing other "unpatriotic acts".  The senate is getting ready to vote on that same law before the end of the week.  The bill's majority author, Salvador Escudero, says he's tired of artists and singers changing the beat, melody, and even words in the national anthem.  He also is peeved at people who have recently taken the national flag and made shirts and pants out of it.  If the law goes in effect, violators will serve up to two years in jail and pay as much as $2300 in fines.  It's not yet known what president Benigno Aquino II (right, in photo below) thinks about this.